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Frequently Asked Questions

How Does Phones Worker Works?

You can be either an Employer or a Worker. As an Employer you can create campaigns (jobs), that Workers will complete and submit proofs, so you can confirm they've done it. As a Worker you can complete jobs and submit your proofs of job done, and make money!

When can i withdraw my money?
You can withdraw your money when you reach $10 in your account.

Why My Job Application isn't Approved Yet?
Your submitted proof will be either approved by the campaign author or after 2 days if there is no action from the author.

Why I Can't Accept a Job?
Make sure you have always a success rate higher than 25%. This success rate requirement will only start counting when you do more than 4 campaigns. This is to prevent bad workers from submitting bad proofs.

How long does it take for my application to be approved?
Workers - Employers have up to 48 hours to either accept or decline your application. This excludes weekends (Saturday - Sunday). Please contact a member of staff only after the first 48 hours have passed since you posted your proof.